ILS Training Curriculum

1. Best Practices: Effectively Managing the Software for Your Account Holders

  • Daily process management: imports, limit calculations, export file
  • User access, role definitions and assignments
  • Log review for system health and audit tracking
  • Best practices for software maintenance

2. Relationship Management: Communication Strategies Designed for Overdraft, Reg. E and Heavy-User Follow Up

  • Letter and call strategies to support overdraft account management
  • Letter and call strategies to support your Reg. E follow up needs
  • Letter and call strategies to support your heavy user outreach program
  • Documentation of account level interactions (letters and calls)
  • Search functionality for review of account specifics with respect to limits and communication strategies
  • Repayment plans – including daily and monthly reporting

3. Compliance and Regulatory Needs: Understanding the Reporting Capabilities of ILS

  • Overdraft reports – complete management of your discretionary program with a single reporting tool designed to be archived for database tracking
  • Follow up with your accounts based on Reg. E decision code and debit decline activity
  • Heavy user reporting designed to support your internal communication strategies and current regulatory guidance

4. Reporting

  • Custom Reports: using data elements within ILS to create customized reports designed to maximize your program
  • Report Scheduler